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June 2010

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Greetings from West Coast Environmental Law, and welcome to all the new folks who have signed up over the last month to receive West Coast’s new paperless e-newsletter!


wcel Massive Gathering Affirms Coastal First Nations Ban on Oil Tankers  

On May 29th West Coast was invited to witness and to participate in the Solidarity of Nations Gathering in Kitamaat, in recognition of its continuing work to support the campaign of Coastal First Nations to stop oil tankers in their waters. West Coast provides legal assistance and is a strong advocate for federal legislation that follows the Coastal First Nations’ lead in banning oil tankers from our northern coastal waters and strengthens the existing policy moratorium. West Coast representatives at the Gathering included three of our law student interns, one of whom shares her account of the event.

wcel Electrifying News  

Between the province’s plans to build the Site C dam and its new Clean Energy Act, West Coast has been busy keeping British Columbians informed about a number of recent energy-related announcements. We’ve been pointing out to the government that playing the “green energy” card does not excuse the province from public process and Aboriginal consultation.

  • Click here to read West Coast’s analysis on the Clean Energy Act
  • Click here to read our legal backgrounder on Site C

wcel Take Action For Laws That Will Protect BC From Oil Spills  

June 13th is Canadian Rivers Day. In 2010, honouring our watersheds holds particular importance in BC, because our river ecosystems face unimaginable threat. West Coast has been on the forefront of standing up for the 1,000+ rivers at risk by the proposed Enbridge pipeline to move tar sands oil across northern BC.

For Canadian Rivers Day please make a donation to West Coast to help ensure that the integrity of BC’s rivers becomes safeguarded through the law.

wcel The Water Act Must Join the 21st Century  

Thumbs up to the province for undertaking a long overdue overhaul of BC’s Water Act – the first in well over a century! West Coast Environmental Law has been active in the province’s consultations – pressing for a strong Water Act that protects fish habitat, drinking water and the environment.

  • Click here to read about West Coast’s take on the Water Act Modernization Process

wcel West Coast is Hiring!  

West Coast Environmental Law is hiring for our Communications and Donor Relations Officer position. If you or someone you know has previous fundraising and communications experience with a strong personal commitment to the environment, then this is the perfect job!

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Massive Gathering Affirms Coastal First Nations Ban on Oil Tankers

Electrifying News

Take Action For Laws That Will Protect BC From Oil Spills

The Water Act Must Join the 21st Century

West Coast is Hiring!



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